About me

My name is Kevin Sahin.

I was born in France on August 22th, 1992.

I still live in France, in a small village in the south.

I studied computer science.

In my spare time, I love to study and play chess, take a walk with my dog in the nature, and read.


I graduated from college at age 22 to work for a fintech startup as a software developer.

I worked there for about two years. The company got acquired by a big French bank. I then discovered the corporate life. Not for me.

I quit, and wrote an eBook about web data extraction.

I've always been obsessed with startups and entrepreneurship. When I was in college, I was an avid reader of Paul Graham's essays, Hacker News...

In France, we have a startup incubator that is very prolific: The Family. I watched a lot of their content on Youtube and on their blog. It helped me a lot to get practical advice and inspired me to quit my job and launch my own thing.

In 2018, my lifelong friend Pierre de Wulf also quit his job, and we launched PricingBot. Long story short, it didn't work as we wished, never crossed $1k in monthly revenue, and we sold it to a competitor.

Then in 2019 we launched ScrapingBee. ScrapingBee is now at $1,500,000 in annual recurring revenue.